What is essentially a Trello board inside Inventora, Production helps you plan and manufacture what products need to be made.

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Creating your first production run

  1. From your dashboard, make sure you select Production on the sidebar to access your Production area.

  2. In the upper-right hand corner, select New Production Run.

  3. Enter your Production Details.

  4. Click Save.

  • Name – choose a title that represents what the Production comprises of. Some examples may be Holiday Collection, West Elm Wholesale, Citrus Honey Restock.

  • Production Run Type – choose whether you want to stock these items in your shop once they are made, or leave them unaffected to your Product inventory levels. Regardless of which option you choose, the associated Materials will always be deducted.

Why would you want them to not sync with your shop's Product stock levels? You can choose this option if you are fulfilling a wholesale order and these have already been purchased by a customer. You may also use this feature if you are creating inventory to reserve for a special event.

  • Items to Make – add which products and how many of each you want to create in this production run.

  • Due Date – select which date this Production needs to be completed by.

  • Notes – add any additional notes for this Production.

You can print the materials used for a production run by going to the Production Card Details, clicking on View Materials, and using Command+P on Mac or Control+P on Windows.

Understanding production card details

Each Production card expands to show the full details, simply click on which Production run you'd like to view.

Inside of each Production card, you will find all of the details that you have planned, as well as the associated Materials to create each Product.

You may also receive warnings if there are not enough Materials in stock to create the products.

In progress Production run

The Production flow allows you to plan what needs to be made, view progress of runs that have began, as well as view what has recently completed.

Once you begin a Production, you are able to create the planned Products at separate times. When Batches are completed, the related Materials are deducted appropriately. You can always exit and pause the Production and jump back into it by clicking the card listed in the In Progress column.

A blue-colored progress bar on each Production card allows you to see at a glance how much progress has been completed so far.

Completing a Production run

There are two ways you can complete a Production run:

  1. Simply drag the Production card to the Completed column.

  2. Inside the Production card details, select the Complete Run button at the top.

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