Made-to-Order Products

In addition to syncing your stock levels between your shop and Inventora, you can also sync the quantity of a product you're able to make, which we call Stock Level Plus Capacity.

What is Stock Level Plus Capacity

First, there are a few terms we should clarify:

  • Stock Level is the quantity of a product you have in stock, ready to ship

  • Capacity is the quantity of a product you're able to make based on your raw materials

So then it follows that Stock Level Plus Capacity will be the combination of products you have already made, and products you're able to make based on your raw material supplies. If your product is made-to-order, then your Stock Level will most likely be zero. And therefore, the number that gets synced to your shop will just be the Capacity.

Choosing Syncing Method

Now that we know what Stock Level Plus Capacity means, let's see how we sync this to your shop.

  1. Go to a particular product that's connected to your shop, and click "Edit Details"

  2. Scroll down to the "Integrations" section at the bottom of the edit page, and you'll see the "Stock Level Plus Capacity" option. Click it.

  3. You'll then have the option to choose what happens when you have a stock level of 0 pieces and a product sells. For made-to-order products, this will be what happens every time. Your options are:

    1. Automatically Deduct Materials - as the name suggests, this will just remove the necessary amount of each material used to create the made-to-order product

    2. Create Production Card - this will create a Production card, which you can use to track the products you need to make

  4. Hit "Save", and the new Stock Level Plus Capacity will be synced to your shop

Preventing Overselling

When two made-to-order products sell that share a material, we will try to prevent overselling depending on which option you chose for "When a product sells that's not already made...":

  • Automatically Deduct Materials - this one is easy, your capacity will be reduced because some of the materials have been used up

  • Create Production Card - your capacity will also reduce based on the production cards in the "Pending" and "In Progress" state, so this will also prevent overselling in the same way

Note: using Stock Level Plus Capacity it is still possible to oversell if one order contains multiple products that use the same materials, or if multiple orders are placed in a very short period of time. During normal conditions, this is 2-3 minutes for Etsy, and 30s for other shops.

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