Products are items that are created from materials. These products also sync with your connected shop.

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The product and material relationship

Great! You've added your first materials and now you want to create a product using those materials. It's important that you understand this relationship before adding your first product.

Products are directly connected to the materials it is made of. When you update a product's stock level, the linked materials stock levels are also updated.

Example: You create a product named 'Apple Candle'. This product uses the following materials to make 1 Apple Candle:

  • 8 oz Soy Wax

  • 1 oz Apple Fragrance Oil

  • 1 Cotton Wick

When you update the Apple Candle current stock level to 1, the stock levels of the materials used will lower.

If you add 20 Apple Candle's to your product inventory, the following amounts will be removed from materials:

  • 160 oz Soy Wax

  • 20 oz Apple Fragrance Oil

  • 20 Cotton Wick

Create a product

If you plan on syncing your shop to Inventora, we recommend that you sync your shop first before creating any products manually. This will avoid duplicates from appearing, as Inventora will create Products from what is currently created in your shop.

  1. From your dashboard, make sure you select Products on the sidebar to access your Products page.

  2. In the upper-right hand corner, select Add Product.

  3. Enter your product Name, along with additional details.

  4. When adding the Materials used to create the Product, be precise when entering the material amounts.

  5. Click Save.

Reminder: When you create a Product for the first time, you will be prompted whether or not you want the associated Materials to deduct at that moment.

Add a product photo

  • On your Products page, select the Product you want to add a photo for.

  • On the Product Details screen click on Edit Details.

  • Scroll down where you see Photo.

  • Click on Choose Photo and upload the product photo.

  • Click Save.

All product photos are synced automatically from all e-commerce platforms except Square.

Update a product's current stock level

When adding to a Product's current stock level, materials that are linked to create the product will automatically be adjusted.

You can update a Product's current stock level in two ways:

  1. On the Product dashboard, under the Stock Level column, select the stock level you'd like to update.

  2. Open the Product details and select Update next to Current Stock Level.

Add stock and select the checkmark or hit enter to apply changes.

Reminder: When you Add inventory of a product, the linked materials will lower in stock levels. When you Remove inventory of a product, material stock levels will not be affected.

This is because of the assumption that any Product created will use Materials. When products are removed, they have been sold or taken from inventory for other reasons.

Undo a product's current stock level change

When you update a product, Inventora will alert you of the new supply levels for any Materials and Products adjusted.

If you made a mistake and would like to return your supply levels to what they were previously, there is an Undo button to clear any mistakes.

Be Aware: This pop-up will appear for only 5 seconds and then disappear unless you hover your mouse over it. Hovering your mouse over the pop-up will pause the timer, giving you time to read the changes that happened.

If you are using Inventora on mobile the window will close after 5 seconds as hovering is not possible.

Delete a Product

When you delete a Product, the product is only removed from Inventora, deletion does not affect Product listings on any shop integrations.

  1. Select the Product you'd like to delete.

  2. In the new screen, select [...] next to Duplicate.

  3. Select Delete Product.

To restore a deleted product, visit the History page and select Undo.

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