The basics on how to get started with syncing your shop to Inventora.

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When you sync your shop, you are able to manage your inventory fully from Inventora. Here are the automations in place:

  • When products sell through your shop, inventory levels are deducted on Inventora.

  • When you create more products on Inventora, the linked shop Product will restock.

  • When products are returned through your shop, the linked Inventora Product will restock.

  • When synced with multiple platforms, product stock levels linked to the same Inventora Product will always match.

Setting up shop integrations

We currently offer integrations with Shopify, Wix, Square, Etsy, and WooCommerce. To get started, visit your Settings and select Connect Shop to the platform you sell on.

Once you connect your shop, Inventora will then pull all of your products and a matching screen will appear. This matching screen allows you to decide which of your Inventora products will be linked to which of your Shop products.

To save time, we advise syncing your Shop before creating any Products manually on Inventora. Once your shop is synced, all of the Products from your shop will then appear on Inventora.

If you've already created Products on Inventora, you may have duplicates when you connect a shop.

Linked products

As previously mentioned, a matching screen will appear for you to link Products from Inventora to your shop. This is what that process looks like:

After this, to link an Inventora Product to a shop product:

  1. In Inventora, select which Product you want to link.

  2. Once the Details screen has opened, select Edit Details.

  3. At the bottom, you will find Integrations. Here you can choose which shop product you want to link or Create a New Draft Product.

Shop Integration by Platform

Learn how to sync your shop depending on the platform you sell on.

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