Set up a Product Bundle

What is a Product Bundle

Product Bundles are a unique product type that allows you to sell products in sets, and automatically set the bundle stock level based on the availability of each included product.

Creating a Product Bundle

  1. Create a new Product, or go to an existing product and click "Edit Details"

  2. Name bundle product

  3. Under Product Type, select "Product Bundle"

  1. Now, a new section will appear below called "Included Products". Add all of the products that make up your bundle here, and their quantities

  2. Click Save. You'll notice that the stock level that shows up will be based on the availability of the included products

Optional: If you have a shop integration, connect the bundle to a product in your shop, and you'll see the calculated stock level will be synced with your shop, and updated anytime one of the included products sells or is restocked

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